WFMW: Salvaging burnt baked goods

You’re preparing for guests (like a houseful of family and friends for New Year’s Eve, say) and have decided to make some sort of fantastic baked goods.

Bread, buns, rolls…maybe biscuits.

Ah, yes, biscuits.

You’ll make tons of tiny biscuits and roll them in that Garlic-Parmesan mixture for a nice New Year’s Eve treat.

But then…

You burn the biscuits.

Burnt biscuits


You’ll have to start all over now–having just wasted a half hour making and cutting out and baking biscuits. Right?


There is a way to salvage burnt baked goods.

Just grab your cheese grater and grate that burnt stuff right off the bottom.

Burnt biscuit on cheese grater

Voila! Almost like it never happened.

Unburnt biscuits

You roll the mini-biscuits in garlic-parmesan stuff and serve as planned–and none of your guests are the wiser (until they read your blog, that is!)

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