Two Year Anniversary: The Stats

I have a file named “A Catalogue of all I’ve read since September 5, 2006” on my hard-drive. In it, I have listed every book that I’ve read since, well, September 5, 2006. Two years ago. I don’t remember the precise events surrounding the formation of my goal, but for whatever reason, I decided to attempt to read every book in my local library (Eiseley Branch). In order to track my progress, I created that file.

Periodically, I tabulate the number of books I’ve read and record them at the bottom of the file–just so I can see what I’ve read, where I’ve been. I’ve written about it before, so I won’t bore you with the details. Instead, without further ado, my 2 year numbers:

TOTALS as of 9-5-2008 (729 days-2 YEARS)
Juvenile Picture 86
Juvenile, First Read 24
Juvenile, Chapter 71
Juvenile Fiction 126
Juvenile Nonfiction 49
Young Adult 10
Juvenile CD 4
Juvenile DVD 15
Juvenile Video 1
Fiction 175
Nonfiction 325
Audio Cassette 2
Audio CD 34
DVD 24
Periodicals 30
Total 976books
1.34 books per day

I’m pretty proud of my progress–although bummed that my average has dropped (by almost a tenth of a book per day) and that I fell short of 1000 in my first two years. I mean, seriously, I was 24 books short. I could have easily exceeded that had I finished all the books I started but took back to the library before finishing when I left for Mexico. If I didn’t have the “do one project” rule for craft books, I could have exceeded it on quilting books alone. (And we’re talking read. As in, every word of text. Not just looking at pictures. I have another file that tells which craft books I’ve read and has pictures of potential projects to do out of them.)

When was the last time you checked up on a goal? Take a little time to assess your progress. Celebrate how far you’ve come. And grab another book (or pick up your quilt or take a walk or whatever that goal might be) and keep going!

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