Version 9

I have discovered php and it is AMAZING!

Too bad this web design stuff doesn’t really tie into my profession that much, ’cause I’m really building my arsenal.

I’m proficient in HTML and CSS, can do a smattering of xHTML and Javascript, and am in the process of learning PHP.

A classmate asked me on Thursday why I kept calling myself a nerd (apart from the obvious: annually celebrating Bilbo and Frodo’s birthday.)

I threw out a few things (copious reading, blog keeping, etc.)–but here’s another piece of proof: I just spent over two hours searching through the script for my new PHP driven web-design to find the bug that was messing up my formatting.

I found the bug–finally!–so now Version 9 is rolling out.

Of course, like with the many versions before, the roll-out may be slow. I only have so many hours in the day to work on things (and I shouldn’t GENERALLY be up at 2:45 am still working on web design!)

But the amazing power of PHP is that it should be a snap to adjust to version 10 if and when it comes out. (I wouldn’t hold my breath for that one!)

So, having shared the latest evidence of my nerdiness (and some really cute pics of me as a baby), I will bid you goodnight!

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