Prince Song (2nd Chapter of Acts)

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I grew up listening to the 70’s band 2nd Chapter of Acts–and “Prince Song” is one of my favorite of theirs. Take a listen. It’s pretty cool.

I got a brand new story
Though you’ve heard it a time or two,
About a Prince who kissed a girl
Right out of the blue.

Hey this story ain’t no tale to me now,
For the Prince of Peace has
given me life somehow

You know what I mean.

My sleep is over.
I’ve been touched by His fire,
That burns from His eyes
and lifts me higher and higher.

I’ll be forever with Him
right by my side.
He’s coming again
on a white horse He’ll ride.
He’ll clothe me and crown me
and make me His bride.

You know what I mean.
You know what I mean.

3 thoughts on “Prince Song (2nd Chapter of Acts)”

  1. i love this song.. have not thought about it in YEARS till right now i googled it looking for the cords to play… have not thought of it for years, but here it is posted on your blog today… wow God thing

  2. Thanks for putting these lyrics up. This one of my favourite songs OF ALL TIME – a great message of finding Christ, the One – I have it (with my TOP 10) on my phone/ mobile. Now I’m gonna teach my granddaughter to play it on guitar. Thanks, again. Cheers!


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