Recap (April 25-May 1)

Busy week –> Not much blog reading –> Short Recap

Sorry, folks–since I know you all look forward to these recaps SO much! :-P

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  • Home by Julie Andrews.

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  • Eric does it again, with a beautiful post that brought tears to my eyes. On reading the Bible “in context”:

    “The problem with seminary – and with insular churches, self-righteousness, and every other manifestation of Christian isolationism – is that it never reads Luke 4 in this setting. It never sees the bondage of addiction, the blindness of unbelief, or the poverty of the truly poor on their own terms. Since we live in a world that is very good at pretending its problems are small, Isaiah’s promise ends up feeling pretty small too. Put another way, many Christians fail to see the transformative power of the gospel because the only sick people they know hide their cancer behind closed doors and strained smiles. Here, they wear it on their sleeves (sometimes literally – I’m guessing that rainbow on my favorite waitress’s t-shirt isn’t meant to be a Care Bears reference).”

    Read the whole post.

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