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Joni Erickson Tada, on worrying

“I want to stay in the habit of ‘glancing’ at my problems and ‘gazing’ at my Lord.”

I love this quote–and I love the circuitous route it took to get to me. I got it from Vitamin Z who got it from Josh Harris who got it from a tweet by Randy Alcorn.

Stephen Altrogge, on information and technology:

“There’s only one Word that really matters: God’s Word. We have it. Let’s never let the mass of information available push away from the only information of eternal significance.”

via Vitamin Z

Brett McCracken, on relevance:

“Everyone’s got an idea of what Christianity should be (Missional! Emergent! Conservative! Progressive! Post-colonial!…), but part of what I argue in Hipster Christianity is that we need to cool it a bit on the whole “how can we change Christianity to be more current/relevant” thing. We need to instead focus our attention on being a biblical, gospel-centered people whose attractiveness to the world is the result of the Spirit’s edifying work within us, not a result of our Tru Religion jeans, $600,000 sound system, or tasty shade-grown coffee served in the vestibule.”

Read more at McCracken’s blog.

My thoughts:

It’s so important that we fix our eyes on what’s really important: Jesus Christ, and His gospel as revealed in His word. Without that, we’re lost.

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3 thoughts on “WiW: On Focus”

  1. All three quotes are excellent! I especially like the second one… God’s word IS supreme above all other words.

    I just found out that Joni has breast cancer… did you know? All the more amazing then is this quote of hers.


    e-Mom @ Chrysalis

  2. Those are all really great. And in some ways I hate to say just that because it seems like a shallow, drive-by comment, but I can’t really add to them — they are all really great and I appreciate the wisdom in each one and the reminder to keep my eyes on Christ in any circumstance.


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