Recap (August 8-14)

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Book Reviews:

  • The Best Apron Book Ever by Julie Johnson

    Rating: ***
    Category: Sewing Instruction
    Synopsis: Thirteen adult-sized apron patterns ranging from vintage smocks to half length tea aprons.
    Recommendation: Browse to make sure this is going to be useful before purchasing.

    Read the rest of my review.


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Books for the TBR list:

  • Fragile by Lisa Unger (reviewed by Dawn at 5M4B)
    A mystery that’s character-driven? And is reminiscent of certain television crime dramas? And is in my library? I’ll put it on my list!
  • Genesis 1-4: A Linguistic, Literary, and Theological Commentary by John Collins (mentioned by Kevin DeYoung)
    I’ve read quite a bit on the scientific arguments for one or another interpretation of the Genesis narrative, but haven’t read much from a strictly theological and exegetical point of view. I have a great deal of respect for Kevin DeYoung, and since he recommended it, I’m trusting that this work will exhibit thoughtful and faithful scholarship.
  • A Matter of Character by Robin Lee Hatcher (reviewed by Barbara H.)
    I’m getting close to closing the couple of Christian fiction authors I’ve been working on for the past several months (Janette Oke and Nancy Moser) and am ready to stick my feelers out for new authors. This review makes me think Robin Lee Hatcher might be a good one to stick on my list.

News to take note of:

  • Walmart is Raising Prices
    This wasn’t really a surprise for me–they stopped selling $1 a yard fabric and upped everything to at least $1.50-2.00 per yard almost a year ago. But it’s a useful reminder to not just assume that one store has the cheapest prices–it’s worthwhile to compare prices from store to store.
    HT: Instapundit
  • Is technology is getting in the way of parent-child conversation?
    Parents think so. I agree.
    My advice? Prioritize family mealtimes and make them a media-free event. Family mealtimes can help your family be healthier–physically, socially, mentally, and (dare I say?) spiritually. Choose to make intentional time to tune out all the other voices clamoring for your child’s attention. Choose to make time to talk with your child.

Projects to try:

Thought-provoking posts:

  • On Setting Low Goals:

    We should never despise small beginnings or slow journeys. Everything great begins with one tiny, unglorious start.

    Make it your goal to get up 5 minutes early and read 1 verse. Do only that for one WHOLE month.

    “But Kat! That’s too easy.”

    Cool, then do it.

    This is not one of my strong points–I tend to set really big goals and not break them down into small manageable chunks. But in the few things that I’ve practiced this “technique”, I’ve seen great success (working on something for just fifteen minutes a day, etc.)

Videos worth seeing:

  • Making fun of both Twitter and Hollywood. Priceless.

    HT: Vitamin Z

Related to previous posts:

  • Dustin Neely cautions the Reformed to not fall into the trap of Justification by Theology:

    “In ancient times, Satan deceived God’s people to prize their knowledge of the Scriptures more than the One behind them. Today, he lures God’s people to fall more in love with their theological system than their Savior—a particular danger for our tribe.”

    I thought this was a good reminder, especially in association with last week’s Critical Calvinist post.

  • Justin Buzzard reflects on the effects of the cross

    “Jesus took the heat so that you could walk in shade.”

    I’ve been exploring the effects of the cross over the past month or so while I’ve been reading John Stott’s The Cross of Christ. See my thoughts in Salvation: A Courtroom View, A Marketplace View, and A Temple View.

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