Thankful Thursday: Amidst the Busyness

This week has been a lovely one thus far, but I’m glad to be nearing its end. I’ve been Busy-with-a-capital-B. But amidst the busyness, I’ve had many precious blessings.

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Today I’m thankful…

…for book club starting again next week. (We’re reading Leo Tolstoy’s The Kingdom of God is Within You–I’m excited to further explore the concept of non-violence, and to do it with this group of believers.)

…for Bible study last night–and all the ladies being patient with my crying (yet again.) What a great group of ladies!

…for Sunday School this past week. It’s been a while since I taught a children’s Sunday School, but I filled in this week, teaching about Abraham and Isaac. Oh how I enjoy teaching children.

…for great coworkers and trainers who are showing me the ropes.

…for Gracie, who misses me and made an appointment to see me tomorrow :-)

…that God supplies all my needs, not by giving me things, but by giving me Himself. How could I live without Him? I just couldn’t.

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