Book Review: “Handmade Home” by Amanda Blake Soule

My friend read it and loved it.

“You’ve got to read this book,” she said.

I dutifully placed it on my TBR list and waited for it to become available at my library.

It took awhile. It’s a popular book.

But once I got it, I knew why.

It’s filled with gorgeous projects for re-purposing old items into new “pretties” (and “usefuls”) for your home.

Projects range from bags and pillows to children’s toys to “green” items (cloth diapers and women’s cloths) to clothing items to curtains, banners, and table runners.

And there’s the lovely towel rug that I decided to make for myself. I have dozens of vintage towels I saved from my Grandmother’s collection, intending to repurpose them into something. I originally thought I’d make a throw–but for the last year or so, I’ve been thinking I’d use them to make some easy washable bath mats.

Towel rug

Soule’s towel rug, made with a towel and a garage-saled pillowcase, fit the bill perfectly. Having made this one, I’m keeping my eyes peeled for more garage sale/thrift store sheets and pillowcases. ‘Cause I don’t think I’ll be done until I’ve made a whole set of these!

Towel rug

Rating: 4 stars
Category: Sewing Crafts
Synopsis: 30 Household Sewing Projects from Amanda Blake Soule, blogger at
Recommendation: Lovely projects, pretty pictures, engaging commentary. Sewers and crafters will want to take a peak at this book.

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  1. This sounds really neat. I have some old towels that still have some good use in them that are so frayed around the edges they look messy. I usually assign them to the rag box, but this is a great idea.


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