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I haven’t read or retained a lot this week–but I guess I still have a couple of quotes to share. Some self-deprecating humour from here and there.

“When we’re not working, we’re driving the kids to non-stop activities to ensure that they become “well-rounded.” Let me tell you, I was a complete square as a kid, and I turned out fine.”
~Matthew Paul Turner, from a blog post that I don’t remember being particularly impressed with, except for that quote :-)

“[I have always sat in the pews among you while we worship] except for the first ten years when I sat up here in my big throne like a king over his minions.”
~John Piper, from a post of Pastor Piper’s witticisms (Say that ten times fast!)

Unfortunately, I can’t make fun of myself on demand, or I’d try to emulate these two. Self-deprecating humor is an art form–but one that I am utterly unskilled in. Maybe I should put it on my list of goals.

Collect more quotes from throughout the week with Barbara H’s meme “The Week in Words”.

Addendum: So I started getting all these unusual hits sent from (what appeared in my stat software to be) nowhere and was thinking “what on earth?” This morning (10/12), I discovered the problem that was sending visitors my way. A tweet from Matt Appling: “Reader linked to me on her blog, but only to say my post wasn’t great. But at least she confused me w/ @jesusneedsnewpr” The dangers of quickly scanning through my Diigo account looking for quotes on a Monday morning when I’ve got nothing.

So, to clear up the confusion, the first quote is NOT from Matthew Paul Turner but from Matt Appling of The Church of No People. And, just for the record, “don’t remember being particularly impressed with” is not the same as “not great”. It just means it wasn’t particularly memorable to me (either in a positive or negative way.) If that’s any consolation :-)

Sorry, Matt, and thanks for sending traffic my way despite my gaffe!

4 thoughts on “WiW: Self-deprecating humour”

  1. Love that first one. It is hard to know how much time, effort, and gas we should put into all those well-rounding activities — love the thought that being a “square” is fine after all. :-) And I had to smile at the gaffe — sounds like something I’d do!

  2. Like the first quote :) I can’t say I’m that well-rounded either… There’s so many things I’d love to do and try, but hey, that all takes time and costs money… I don’t have extra of either so square it is!

    Extra traffic eh? I wonder if I can get someone to tweet my blog lol!


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