Recipe for Blogging Success?

  • Two jobs
  • Two houses
  • All your earthly possessions
  • Professional conference
  • Desktop computer
  1. Start with two jobs in two different cities.
  2. Lease a second house in the other city and begin moving all your earthly possessions to that house while still maintaining residence in both houses in both cities.
  3. Attend five-day professional conference without decreasing hours at either job.
  4. Blog using desktop computer in spare time?

If you can get blogging success out of that recipe, you’re a better cook than I.

Consider this your official warning–things may be a bit spotty at bekahcubed over the next couple of weeks.

3 thoughts on “Recipe for Blogging Success?”

  1. How about this one: no internet at the house of dreams until November 17th. Argh! Why did we move right before both of us leave for professional conferences on the same week?


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