Thankful Thursday: People

Advent is a time of year when many people’s minds turn towards STUFF. What am I getting? What am I giving? What do I want? How will I decorate? What do I need? Buy more stuff. Stuff to eat. Stuff to wear. Stuff to decorate with. Stuff to give. Stuff to keep for ourselves.

This Christmas season, I’ve been blessed with plenty of STUFF–but I’ve been mostly blessed by the PEOPLE in my life.

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Today I’m thankful…

…that my little sister could come up to Columbus for the day and spend a bit of time with me and Anna

…that I was able to get a hold of my friend from church today–even though I didn’t know her phone number or address, or even the NAME of her business

…that my sister knew the name of Maria’s business so I could drop off my gifts for her

…that all of the kids happened to be there when I dropped by–and that we had some wonderful conversation while I was there

…that I have wonderful coworkers who I truly enjoy working with

…that I was able to catch up with an old classmate-turned-coworker today when she visited our facility

To the God who revealed Himself as a man, incarnate–
For the people He has granted me the privilege of knowing and loving–
I give thanks.

2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday: People”

  1. Did everyone like your Christmas sweater? ;-)

    I always enjoy reading your gratitude list; and you’re right: people are so much more important than stuff.

    On another topic…I got an email that you had left a comment on “Oh, the Questions They Ask.” Your comment had some REALLY interesting info about a googol. But when I check my blog, the comment isn’t there. Did you delete it? Is my blog just acting up? (I’ve had a little trouble recently with the comments/email notification, etc. so maybe Blogger is having issues?) I’d love to have your comment show up because I was fascinated by the info you shared, but of course, if you deleted it on purpose, I won’t put it up. Does this even make sense?? :)

    Have a very wonderful Christmas!!!


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