SnOw weenie

It’s official: I am SO a SnOw weenie.

And I’m never going to do THAT again.

THAT being calling off a trip to my facilities in Grand Island the day before based on a weather report.

The snow stopped yesterday, leaving us with 8ish inches of snow.

The roads were being plowed, all was good–but everybody was buzzing about how the winds were supposed to pick up.

So I sent an e-mail to my facilities out of town and told them I’d be postponing my trip out to see them.

I woke up this morning to clear skies and still clear roads. The only possible road hazards were a wee bit of snow and ice on 30 by Central City.

That’s it, I decided. From now on, I wait until the morning of to decide whether to risk the roads or not.

No use messing up my schedule for a danger that doesn’t exist.

sNOw weenie NO more!

4 thoughts on “SnOw weenie”

  1. That was the same here except about a foot of snow, but this afternoon the winds really picked up, so you might have gotten there ok, but not gotten back home. And with below zero windchills getting stranded would not be a good thing. Better safe than sorry I say.

  2. Oh I HATE driving in the snow, but then again, I’m not a huge fan of driving period haha. We’re expecting about 20cm tonight I think… we’ll see though, the weather forecast is wrong so often… Right now it’s mostly icy out there and the snow is just left on the grass.. Fortunately my drive to work is less than 1 minute long haha! (Most the time I just walk, but I have too much to bring with me tomorrow)

  3. =D Well, better safe than sorry, I think. I’m a definitely snow weenie. (Although I’m not put at risk all that often.) I prefer to stay home, cozy up and be safe. So I shall not throw stones. But I’m grinning at your snow weenie title here.


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