Condemnation or Christ Jesus

I sit in condemnation.

Undisciplined, lazy, foolish. I heap insults upon myself.

I remind myself that there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, but my reminders fail at their attempted meaning.

My mind keeps offering buts.

But I’m not walking as I ought.

But I’m behind in my Bible reading, behind in my Scripture memory.

But I’m late for Sunday school.

But I stayed up too late working crossword puzzles.

But, but, but…. I stand condemned in my own eyes.

Then I sit in worship and the words wash over me. “You’re altogether lovely, altogether worthy, altogether wonderful to me.”

And I get it.

The problem with this condemnation is pride. It’s me turning my eyes onto myself, onto what I’ve done or not done.

What I’ve done or not done is not the point. The point is what Christ has done, who He is.

So turn, Rebekah, turn your eyes from self to Christ. Turn your thoughts from self-condemnation to Christ-glorification.

Turn your heart. Turn your heart to Him.

2 thoughts on “Condemnation or Christ Jesus”

  1. An elderly minister said to me shortly after I was converted, ‘For every look you take inside of yourself, make sure you take ten to Christ’. Such good advice….what will we find inside of ourselves but what would lead us to despair. Our all in all is IN CHRIST. He is altogether lovely. x


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