Thankful Thursday: The C(K)athys

When I first started traveling to Columbus, I was pleased that I would find myself in Columbus over Wednesday nights–the night the C/Kathy’s hosted their young professional’s Bible study. I eagerly rushed from work to Kathy’s, where the whole set of us transplants fellowshipped and were challenged and grew.

After a long Christmas break from Bible study, I was glad to get back into the swing of things last night…and it turned out, Bible study was even better than I’d hoped for.

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Today I’m thankful…

…for Cathy’s rave reviews of The Pioneer Woman’s blackberry cobbler (which I’d prepared for the Bible study crowd)

…for Kathy’s thoughtfulness in having a selection of teas available for us to enjoy (including several herbal varieties)

…for both K(C)athy’s encouragement that I share my shocking secrets with the newest member of our crew

…for Kathy’s reminder that “You will get done exactly what God wills you to get done.”

…for Cathy’s exhortation: “Have you considered taking a technology break?” And her follow up: “Don’t do it because I suggested it. Ask God what He would have you do.”

…for how God has used both of these women to bless me, to challenge me, and to conform me into the image of His Son.

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