WFMW: Boot holder-uppers

Fabulous knee high bootsDo you own a pair of fabulous knee-high boots?

Does your pair of fabulous knee-high boots have creases along the ankles from standing (drooping) forlorn in your closet?

You can solve that problem by following the shoe guru’s advice of packing your boots with tissue paper and then returning them to the box you bought them in for storage.

As if any of us have that kind of time (or space).

I choose an easier route, a simple three step route:
Fabulous knee high boots with wine bottles

  1. Purchase 2 bottles of wine
    My vineyard of choice is James Arthur Vineyards. And while White St. Croix is shown here, my favorite (and recommended option) is the fruity red “San Realto”. Mmm-mmm!
  2. Drink bottles of wine
    If you’re a bit eager to get those boots held up, I recommend throwing a dinner party to make the wine go faster. Don’t forget that the healthiest alcohol consumption is MODERATE alcohol consumption–that means 1 drink per day (or less) for women and 2 drinks per day (or less) for men.
  3. Use empty bottles to hold up boots
    Just slide ’em (the bottles) in, zip ’em (the boots) up, and set ’em (the boots and bottles together) in your closet. No more nasty crease lines–and your boots take no more space on your closet floor than the rest of your shoes do.

Fabulous knee high bootsDisclaimer: I am not encouraging either underage drinking or drunkenness. If you are less than twenty-one (in the United States) or are an alcoholic or at-risk-for-alcoholism (or just prefer not to drink alcohol), you can use bottles of sparkling grape or apple juice to fulfill the same function. Furthermore, even if you ARE over 21 (in the US) and don’t think you could ever become an alcoholic, I reiterate: the healthiest drinking is moderate drinking. You’re only jeopardizing your health (and possibly that of others, as well as your Christian witness) by practicing drunkenness. Just choose NOT to drink to the point of drunkenness.

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3 thoughts on “WFMW: Boot holder-uppers”

  1. I just tried James Arthur Vineyard’s Edelweiss the other day. It was delightful! Unfortunately, I do not have any fabulous knee high boots to put the bottle in.


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