Thankful Thursday: The Church

Being a part of the church can be one of the most difficult experiences ever…
and one of the most rewarding.

The church is a place of accountability and of encouragement, of ministry and of receiving ministry.

It is a wonderful thing to live life within the church.

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This week, I’m thankful…

…for the church that gives faithful wounds (Proverbs 27:6)

…for the church who binds my wounds (Psalm 147:2-3)

…for the church that meets corporately and worships the one God with me (Psalm 34:3)

…for the church that is obedient and practices church discipline (Matthew 18:15-17)

…for the church that mutually encourages one another as we hang out together (Romans 1:12)

…for the church that approaches me after church (the service) to discuss me teaching their daughters to sew

…for the church that comes to my house, where I am delighted to teach them to sew

…for the church that I belong to here in Columbus

…and for the church I belong to made up of Lincolnites, Oregonians, Missourians, Virginians…Chinese, Albanians, and Nigerians…the church universal with which I am connected

Thank you, Lord, for this seventh-day creation: Your church. And thank You for incorporating me into this creation. I am so blessed, so honored, so overwhelmed to be a part of something so big, so momentous that it could only be a work of God.

Thank you for the church.

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