Thankful Thursday: Rituals

A good part of my days are taken up with little rituals. Some are intentional, some are just grooves that I’ve slipped into. But, in general, these little rituals help to keep a life that sometimes seems crazy sane.

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This week, I’m thankful for…

sunlight waking me up in the morning
I love having an east facing bedroom–and I love when the sun starts coming up early enough to wake me up. But even if the sun isn’t up early enough, I manufacture fake sunlight via a daylight bulb in a lamp on a timer.

reading my Bible by the light of the sun
I set my Bible on my nightstand before I go to sleep at night–and the first thing I do when I wake up is grab it. Sometimes I drowse and end up reading the same passage over and over as I struggle to actually wake up. But even when I do, it’s wonderful to wake up with the Word.

a bed made the moment I step out of it
Its a Fly-lady ritual I’m so glad I started (and haven’t been able to get out of the habit of). There’s something wonderfully ordered about starting a day with a made bed.

a mug of hot tea and early morning blog reading
Once I’m dressed and ready for work, I pour myself a cuppa and head upstairs to check in with the blog-o-sphere. Mmm…tea with honey and some good reading. Can’t be beat.

greeting the two assisted living residents who sit by the door every morning
They’re a true constant in my life–at least, whenever I’m in Columbus. Saying “Hi” and “Good Morning” with a smile. And having been greeting by them, it is a good morning.

lighting candles and letting the bath water run while I set out the next day’s clothing
Another Flylady ritual that’s stuck–picking out my clothes the night before. No desperate glances in the closet on the morning of. No getting half dressed only to discover that the slip I positively MUST wear with that skirt is dirty. It takes the stress out of mornings–and gives me something to do while my bath water runs (through it’s impossibly small spout.)

soaking in the tub and reading by candlelight
It started out as a concession to allergies. I wash my hair every night before I go to bed so I’m not sleeping with allergens on me. Now I can’t imagine the world without my before bed baths.

blowing out the candles before sinking into a peaceful night’s sleep
As recently as a week ago, I had trouble sleeping. I was always exhausted, but I’d lay in bed unable to sleep. I finally decided to get serious about some of the sleep hygiene practices I’d always known about, but they weren’t doing me that much good. Then I started to think about the startlingly bright bathroom light that’s on while I take my evening bath. Maybe that was affecting my sleep. So I started lighting candles instead. Five votives in a flat bottomed bowl, set on my toilet while I bathe and moved with me to the stool beside my bed. From the time I start my bath water running, I perform every activity by candlelight. And once I blow out the candles, I fall asleep immediately. It’s wonderful. A miracle, really.

The rituals of life. The little things that give our days stability. The framework that allows the exciting events not to overwhelm and the busy not to crush. I am so very thankful for the rituals of life.

What rituals are you thankful for?

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  1. I also just read over at Marmee’s Pantry some wonderful uses of lavender ( that would help you relax and fall asleep. I really enjoy the candles when I bathe too! trouble is, when the time changes here in Missouri and the days are longer, we work out on the farm longer and I end up taking a quick shower instead of a relaxing bath! Oh well, a luxury for the winter solstice. So happy you are sleeping better! And we are creatures of habits…looks like you have some good ones!


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