Thankful Thursday: Nothing in particular

“Whatcha doin’?” they’d ask.

“Nothin’ in particular” I’d often tell them. “Just a bit of this and that.”

Sometimes life’s like that.

Nothing in particular–

but quite a bit of bits and pieces nonetheless.

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This week, I’m thankful for…

doing nothing
I’ve had several jam-packed weekends in a row–and they’ve plum worn me out! It was lovely to have a Friday night of doing nothing (even if I did end up at work until 9–I didn’t have anything to do once I got home!)

bloggie buddies
While I’ve been busy, blogging (and blog reading) has been somewhat neglected. But despite all that, I have good bloggie buddies who continue to stick around.

catching up
It takes forever to catch up on blog reading–but I do love to hear what’s been going on in everyone’s life and mind. In addition to catching up on reading blogs, I’ve gotten busy writing up some overdue book reviews (which means this month might be a little book-heavy. Eh. C’est la vie.)

living history
I’ve been reading about World War II and started talking about it with my brother (whose degree is in history and whose special focus is WWII) in the presence of my grandfather. Josh and I fought a bit about what really is the beginning of the war and this and that–but then Grandpa interjected. Because he lived through the war. He told about what his schoolteacher said about all the war business as it was going. (She said the boys who were in school wouldn’t have to go to war because there had to be a 2/3 majority in Senate for the U.S. to go to war, BTW. According to my dad, that rule has changed via a Constitutional amendment.)

lemon drops
I tried to read in the car since I had books to return that I hadn’t finished yet. For whatever reason, my stomach rebelled. For whatever reason, lemon drops eased my suffering. I am thankful.

my residents
I love my residents. Really. Even the ones who drive me nuts. And I’m glad whenever I can bring sunshine to their days–or, if not, whenever I can brush even one cloud away.

singers in a fort
The Bible study gals “hid” in the fort out back, giggling and singing. It was the perfect relief after a too-long day of work.

common grace
I was struck today with the many marvelous ways unbelievers have been agents of God’s grace to me. Someday I’ll write a post on it. For now, I’ll just marvel at the works of art, the discoveries of science, the structural and political advances–so many wonderful things done by unbelievers, not knowing by Whose grace they were acting.

Thank God that the rain falls on the just and the unjust.

What are YOU thankful for today?

1 thought on “Thankful Thursday: Nothing in particular”

  1. I got all teary-eyed reading this one:
    “I love my residents. Really. Even the ones who drive me nuts.”

    I can’t put into words how SPECIAL it is that there are sweet godly women like you who can love on folks who aren’t always lovable in return. It’s an obvious working of God’s grace and I thank Him for you and those like you. Really!


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