Thankful Thursday: A fall

I wasn’t thinking when I stepped out her back door into the place the deck used to be. I wasn’t thinking about how the deck was no longer there.

So my step led me right into the gap between the makeshift steps and the house.

When I fell, I pushed the door open, letting the rest see what had happened.

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This week, I’m thankful for…

friends who come running

…a sister who lifts the stairs away, freeing my trapped leg

…a short drive home (since my right foot was having a hard time with accelerating and braking)

…a bathtub to soak in

pillows to elevate my legs as I slept

…blissful sleep even as tears of pain slipped down my cheeks

cruise control to lessen the stress of my drive into Grand Island

open chairs at almost every nurse’s station, meaning I was off my feet for most of the day

…my favorite resident (I know, I probably shouldn’t have favorites, but I do) hoping I’ll feel better soon

understanding mothers who don’t blink an eye when I cancel sewing with their daughters at the last minute

friends again, who text to see how I’m doing

…the God who shows mercy amidst my every fall

What are YOU thankful for today?

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