Thankful Thursday: Family and Friends

Thankful Thursday bannerI seem to go through seasons where I spend a lot of time blogging, and other seasons where I spend a lot of time with people and have less time for blogging. This is good, I think.

This past week has been just packed with people–and I’m so thankful to God for placing me in and amongst such wonderful believers who regularly encourage me to walk worthy of the calling.

This week I’m thankful…

…to be able to support my friend Beth by watching the Flying Faithful play basketball

…for conversation and laughter on the dining room floor following a “trunk show”

…for pancake men and comfortable conversation with my sister

…for a newer friend and a couple old ones and supper in a rather sketch Mexican joint

…for a hastily assembled Sunday meal and conversation moving into the living room after lunch

…for FLOCK crashers and flock-belongers staying after to discuss and debate

…for long telephone conversations with my folks and encouragement to continue on

…for transparent testimony time with the girls who are praying for me and I for them.

And mostly, I’m thankful to the God who did not call me to a solitary existence, but into a body.

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