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Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013 at 2:25 pm

There’s nothing more frustrating than wanting to blog, having a half a dozen unformed blogging ideas, and not having the time or the energy to fully develop any of them.

In my case, I’d rather like to blog my reactions to The Hunger Games (Oh, is that old news by now?) or talk about some interesting parallels between Exodus 32ish and Acts 2 or tell you about the process of changing my name (Except that most of you have probably already experienced that for yourself) or post pictures of my wedding and honeymoon or tell you about how I’ve been spending my spare time at work drooling over the Wichita library collection (and eagerly anticipating getting my library card this Friday!)

Without the motivation to develop the above themes but with a desire to get SOMETHING on bekahcubed, my mind started flipping through tired topics.

Then I thought of the story I told some questioners last night–a story about a fast-moving relationship.

I almost wished it were the seventh, so I could write an anniversary post. And then I got curious. How many days has this been going?

Thanks to a handy little calculator, I discovered that…

270 days ago, I read a Facebook message from a friend offering to set me up with Daniel Garcia

268 days ago, I said my friend could introduce us

267 days ago, Daniel and I became Facebook “friends”

266 days ago, Daniel sent me his first letter

265 days ago, I sent Daniel my first letter

231 days ago, Daniel and I had our first phone conversation

217 days ago, I realized I was probably in love

210 days ago, Daniel asked me on a date

207 days ago, Daniel told me he loved me and we became boyfriend and girlfriend

194 days ago, Daniel and I met in person for the first time

193 days ago, Daniel met my parents (and I met his dad)

180 days ago, we had a second date in Kansas City

176 days ago, we decided to get married

174 days ago, we told our parents that we had decided to get married

172 days ago, we met each others’ families and told them that we were engaged

159 days ago, I visited Daniel in Wichita for the first time

97 days ago, I moved to Wichita

86 days ago, I started a new job in Wichita

25 days ago, I married Daniel Garcia

And there you have it. A summary of my entire acquaintance with Daniel Garcia.

270 days ago, I became aware of his existence. 245 days later, I became his wife.

Just days ago.

Reader Comments (3):

  1. Wow. You are so brave.
    I think the pictures would have been a fabulous idea. (hint hint)

  2. LOL! What Heather said again!!

  3. Davene Grace says:

    My heart continues to fill with delight as I read about the special love story God wrote for you. I feel privileged to have “known” you back in the days when you were longing for a husband and trusting God for His plan…and now to see how He has blessed you is simply wonderful. Thank you for sharing your story!

    And I’m with the others: I vote for pictures! :)

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