Erratum: We Should Get Married

In the installment of “Our Story” entitled We Should Get Married“, the Author miswrote several pertinent details due to a faulty memory.

Her husband was so kind as to have corrected her remembrance of the story, leading her to publish the following retraction:

I wrote of Daniel suggesting that we should stop talking about getting married–and then of myself going on a tangent to tell Daniel how I’d asked God if I would marry him. After hearing what God had told me (“I know, and when I want you to know, I’ll tell Daniel”), Daniel responded, “I think I do know.”

Here, I went wrong in my storytelling.

Daniel’s response was followed by his telling me that he should/would pray about it himself a little more.

It was the next evening, a Tuesday night, when the discussion turned to possible days we could get married before the next summer–and when we ultimately decided we would get married.

The author is sorry for having misrepresented the story of her engagement and hopes that no one has been harmed by her carelessness with the historic record.


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  1. :-) Have you ever read Isobel Kuhn? This reminds me of a time when she was telling visitors about an incident said it had been pouring down rain. Her husband corrected her and said, “It wasn’t pouring, Belle, it was merely raining.” She wrote their prayer letters and had a gifted imagination and way of writing, and he was scrupulous about correct details. It was a conflict for a while, but eventually their different gifts blended.

    I was thinking maybe I had posted about that in more detail, and I did, here:


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