Recap (6/15/2013)

Monday, June 17th, 2013 at 3:39 pm

Stuff I’ve Read:

  • Suggestions for Thankfulness from Mark Altrogge (quoted by Vitamin Z)
    1. Thank God for all he did to redeem you.
    2. Thank God for your spouse and children if you have them.
    3. Thank God for spiritual blessings.
    4. Thank God for his word and hundreds of promises.
    5. Thank God for your church.
    6. Thank God for material blessings.
    7. Thank God for how he treats you.
    8. Thank God for as many mercies as you can discern in every affliction
    9. Thank God for future blessings

Nutrition News:

  • Nature rebukes Harvard epidemiologist for shooting off at the mouth (HT: Instapundit)
    According to the chair of Harvard’s Nutrition and Epidemiology chairman Walter Willett, one particular scientific study that disagrees with current nutrition dogma is “rubbish, and no one should waste their time reading it.”

    The study in question was a meta-analysis indicating that overweight (but not obese) people live longer than those in the “normal weight” category. From Willett’s criticism, one might think that this work was published by self-submittal on a non-peer-reviewed web-only journal, right? Think again. How about the prestigious, 130-year-old peer-reviewed Journal of the American Medical Association? You got it.

    Apparently “the church” isn’t the only institution interested in squashing science that contradicts its beliefs.

Reader Comments (1):

  1. Gracebug says:

    Wow that’s a really interesting study! I’ve been really challenged by this culture’s view of attractive and fitness and I’ve been questioning whether or not what’s beautiful and ‘healthy’ is really the best thing for me.

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