Thankful Thursday: Anniversary and Birthday Week

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Daniel and I got married five days before my 28th birthday – so I have a week of celebration in March!

This week I’m thankful…

…for gorgeous weather
The weather can’t have been nicer over the past week – and Tirzah Mae and I took full advantage when shopping last Thursday. We skipped the maze of construction (on all four streets at the corner of our shopping center) and walked from Aldi to Walmart for our groceries. The weather must have made others cheery too, because no less than 8 people stopped us during our excursion to comment on my sweet baby or ask about the MOBY wrap :-)

Tirzah Mae finds her fist

…for for birthday burgers
I signed up for Red Robin’s “Royalty”, which means I get a free burger the month of my birthday – and Daniel and I went to redeem it Saturday night. It’s always nice to have a night off cooking, even nicer when it means an evening of simply chatting with my beloved (without our computers or books or television or the laundry to distract).

…for Skyping with my sister-in-law
Debbie and I are reading together again (this time Elyse Fitzpatrick and Jessica Thompson’s Give Them Grace) and Skyping weekly to discuss. This week, we barely got to discussion, but it is always so wonderful just to chat with my former mentee turned friend turned sister-in-law (and since she’s expecting her third, this time she has stuff to teach me about mothering :-))

Enjoying her lovey

…for a lovely evening in
For our anniversary, I cooked one of Daniel’s favorite meals and set us up at the table with a tablecloth and everything. We sat Tirzah Mae in a bouncer beside us and she kept herself occupied the entirety of the meal (a VERY unusual occurrence – usually by dinner she’s pretty clingy and I eat with her on my lap).

…for crafty time
Tirzah Mae is not a good napper – I’m fortunate if she naps 15-30 minutes at a stretch during the day. (Although she is generally pretty good at going right back to sleep after night wakenings, so I’m not complaining about the naps.) Since she gets so fussy in the evening when her papa comes home, I’m trying to help her take a longer nap in the afternoons before he gets home. Yesterday, I laid down with her around 3:00 and she fell asleep for long enough for me to make her a lovey (she’s starting to want to grasp something while she’s eating or falling asleep or even just sitting somewhere, so I thought I’d oblige with what my family calls a “slicky” – a piece of satiny fabric, this one with tags for extra texture.)

What, mom?
…for anticipation of Pi[e] day
My birthday falls on Pi day every year – but this year is the Pi day to end all pi days, since it can be pi to the tenth significant digit (3/14/15 9:26:53). My sister will be in town and we intend to be eating pie at 9:26!

1 thought on “Thankful Thursday: Anniversary and Birthday Week”

  1. What a wonderful week! So glad you got a free dinner and got to enjoy a full anniversary meal. Tirzah’s lovey looks so pretty. Timothy is fascinated by tags – some of his soft blocks and one of his cloth books has them at intervals. He is constantly either exploring or just fingering things with his hands, even while eating.

    I’m looking forward to your thoughts on Give Them Grace – I haven’t read that one yet but want to just to see what people are talking about and whether I’d recommend it. Some things I’ve heard from it give me cause for a bit of concern, but it may be instead how people are applying what it teaches.

    Tirzah Mae looks so bright-eyed and pretty!


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