Recap (2015/06/13)

In my spirit:

  • Reading and studying 1 Thessalonians – the Thessalonians get a bad rap from that “Now these Jews were more noble than those in Thessalonica” verse (Acts 17:11). The Jews of Thessalonica were hostile to the gospel, but God was still doing a wonderful work in Thessalonica, such that all the surrounding areas heard of the believers’ faith and were encouraged. That’s cool stuff.
  • Trying to be aware of how the enemy can use my emotions (through dreams) to impact my attitudes – and praying that I would be transformed by the renewal of my mind (Romans 12:2).
  • Thankful for the Titus 2 Women God has brought into my life, including a bloggy friend

In the living room:

  • I finally decided that I need to catalog my books so I can shop wisely at the used store – and I found a nice app that allows me to scan barcodes to enter (which means entering my first 120 books has been a snap, accomplished in just a few 5 minute segments)
  • Daniel and I watched The Bad and the Beautiful last night. I didn’t expect serious from a movie starring Lana Turner, but it turned out to be quite a drama about a cut-throat Hollywood producer. I enjoyed it.

In the kitchen:

  • A couple weeks ago, I resolved to not throw away food – we’ve done pretty well except for some bread, some strawberries, and some grapes, all of which went moldy.
  • On the other hand, I’m going crazy improvising new salads along old lines to use up bits of this and that – and really liked the results:
    • Improvised corn salad: Frozen corn, rough chopped fresh tomatoes, rough chopped avocado, finely diced red onion, and diced fresh zucchini drizzled with olive oil and lemon juice.
    • Improvised Caprese salad: Rough chopped fresh tomatoes, rough chopped fresh mango, rough chopped fresh strawberries, finely chopped fresh basil, a little feta cheese and a little Monterey Jack cheese drizzled with balsamic vinegar.
  • The sourdough starter I began last month is going strong and in the fridge, and I think I’ve maybe arrived at a good basic bread recipe using it.

In the nursery:

  • We have a roller. While Tirzah Mae has been rolling for a fair while now, this week she figured out that she can use it to transport herself anywhere – and she does, generally to the nearest source of paper (food, right?)
  • Avocado is officially the first food Tirzah Mae didn’t make faces for on first taste. (She’s now had bananas, peas, applesauce, nectarines, pears, strawberries, sweet potatoes, white potatoes, oatmeal, and i-don’t-remember-what-else.)
  • I’m not sure whether she’s coming down with something or if she’s teething or what – but the last couple of days have been pretry intense. She wants to eat (or at least be at the breast) every five minutes and won’t sleep more than a half hour at a time. Daniel paced with her for an hour and a half last night when she woke up screaming and wouldn’t take the breast.

In the craft room:

  • Nothing this week – see “In the nursery” :-)

In the library:
aka “Books added to TBR list”

In the garden:

  • I have officially learned that I should have put up my trellis BEFORE I planted. I finally gave up trying to put it on top of my raised bed and have satisfied myself with aligning it alongside the long edge – so my cucumbers and tomatoes will just have to lean a foot or so to reach the trellis
  • I’ve had to water this week for the first time all season. But it’s rained again the last couple of days – so who knows.

On the web:

  • 20 Thoughts on Honeymoon Sex for Virgins – I know it’s probably not applicable to my (mostly married) readers, but I thought this was an excellent article and one worth jotting down for if engaged friends ever ask for resources.
  • Finding Time to Read the Bible – Barbara gives excellent tips – useful for busy moms, caretakers, or really anyone.
  • Are You Letting Your Kids Walk All Over You? – This is something I see frequently, oftentimes excused as being “grace-filled” or “focusing on the important things”, but Jess makes an excellent point that moms are teaching their children how to treat others by how they do or do not let their children treat them. (If her honeymoon sex article is “file away to share with others”, this is “file away for when I need it.”)
  • Where Faith Goes to Die – An reflection on seminary and ecclesiastical meetings:

    But when the seminary’s subject matter is the sovereign, gracious Savior; when the primary textbook his living Word; and when that Word is taught and received by Christians who love and desire above all else to glorify the risen Christ – that kind of theological educational experience sings (sometimes literally!).”

May we all love and desire above all else to glorify the risen Christ – and may that cause us to dive deep into His word and to sing out His praises!

2 thoughts on “Recap (2015/06/13)”

  1. I thought Jess’s two articles about sex and kids were both very good.

    I will have to look up that app. I’ve ended up buying books that I already have and had forgotten. I’m thankful Kindle purchases tell me I already have the book when I click on them.

    Poor Tirzah Mae – and Mom and Dad. Hope whatever the issue is resolves itself soon. It was fun when Timothy started rolling. One thing I enjoyed about Jim’s birthday pictures a few months ago was that Timothy was in a different place in each photo from rolling here and there.

  2. Cataloguing books. That’s probably a good idea because now I have so many I forget what we own and are still looking for. :P I did go so far as to alphabetize so that I can more easily look for something and find it.


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