Recap (2015/06/20)

In my spirit:

  • Realizing that just because my mom is far away doesn’t mean I can’t ask her for advice – she has lots of experience as a wife and a mother and a homemaker, and I can definitely learn plenty from her.

In the living room:

  • We’re getting close to being ready to build a house. Wild.

In the kitchen:

  • The avian flu has hit my local Dillons – eggs were an extra $1 per dozen this week!

In the nursery:

  • While I used to be able to say that Tirzah Mae only cried if she needed something (was hungry, was wet, was in pain, was tired), I can say so no longer. Tirzah Mae has discovered that screaming is a great way to communicate her frustration at not getting her own way.
  • Daniel put Tirzah Mae down for bed! He’s good at getting her to fall asleep, but she stubbornly refuses to stay asleep after he transfers her to her crib. We usually have to transfer her to me first and then I put her into her bed. This week, though, Daniel laid her down and she stayed asleep. Yippee!

In the craft room:

  • I’ve finally gotten around to making another sheet for Tirzah Mae’s crib (besides the one we got as a shower gift). I used this tutorial, which was easy to understand and worked well. If I ever make more, I will use woven fabric instead of jersey. Trying to sew the casing for the elastic was torture.

On the web:

  • My Child Feels Deprived of Junk Food – “Real Mom Nutrition”, by a fellow RD, is a great resource for moms who want to feed their children well. This particular scenario is one I hear often – and Sally’s guests do a great job of helping moms work through it.

2 thoughts on “Recap (2015/06/20)”

  1. I’m here to play major catch up! :) (Forgive me?)

    Getting ready to build!?!? SO EXCITING!!!

    And I totally sympathize with having a baby who doesn’t transition well from arms to crib or wherever. :) That’s a tricky thing and there IS plenty of reason to celebrate when the hubby manages to get a baby to stay asleep! Go Daniel!

  2. The eggs we get were a couple of dollars higher this morning. A while back we were getting eggs fresh from a farm through a friend of a lady at church, but it was a little hard to coordinate it all, so we just went back to buying from the store. But I was just thinking today of asking Jim if he wants to try that again. Then again, she may have a lot of people doing that now!

    We can identify with communication through crying, too – Timothy has been going through that. It will be nice when they can use words.


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