What I Spent/What We Ate (2019.01.25)

What I Spent:

Tuesday, January 22

Sam’s Club – $18.92

Sam's Club Pickup 2019.01.22

Walmart – $73.74

Walmart Grocery Pickup 2019.01.22

Friday, January 25

ALDI – $34.12

ALDI trip 2019.01.25

That’s $126.78, which is $11.78 over my budget of $115 per week.
Week 1 – $143.28 ($28.28 over)
Week 2 – $144.90 ($29.90 over)
Week 3 – $126.78 ($11.78 over)

This next week will be Week 4 of our winter menu cycle and then we’ll start over – hopefully I have enough in the freezer that I can catch up to my budget then!

What We Ate:

Saturday, January 19
Chicken and Broccoli Gravy over Baked Potato with Grapes
Chicken and broccoli gravy over baked potatoes with grapes on the side.

Sunday, January 20
Oven Beef Stew with Bread and Cheese
Lunch – Oven Beef Stew with cheddar cheese slices and homemade bread

Buffalo Chicken Dip, Lettuce Salad, and Grapefruit
Supper – Buffalo chicken dip with chips, lettuce salad, and grapefruit

Monday, January 21
Loaded Chicken Tortilla Soup
Chicken Tortilla Soup with all the fixings – and chocolate cake with Lazy Daisy topping (for MLK Jr’s birthday!)
Chocolate cake with Lazy Daisy topping for MLK Jr's birthday

Tuesday, January 22
I forgot to take pictures for the rest of the week :-(
Chicken enchiladas with spicy corn and canned pears (I think?)

Wednesday, January 23
My “emergency meal” of fish fillets, french fries, and …some sort of fruit?

Thursday, January 24
Great Grams’ Spaghetti with parmesan and green olives (of course) and canned peaches

Friday, January 25
We’ll be having West Virginia Soup with bread and butter and cheese slices and probably grapes

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