We’ve Got Hot

On Thursday, June 4, I started a load of laundry (as I do every day).

Half an hour later, I noticed that the machine was still trying to fill the tub. The hot water was coming out in just a trickle instead of its rush.

I checked a few easy things (make sure the water hadn’t been turned off, see if the cold water was still working, check the hose between the spigot and the washing machine, etc.) and then got to Googling when my troubleshooting revealed nothing.

Google suggested that the solenoid on my water inlet valve was no longer working – so I looked up a tutorial, priced a new water inlet valve, and made my order.

Meanwhile, I switched to disposable diapers, filled the washing machine with hot water by hand to wash the remaining cloth diapers, and waited for my replacement part to arrive. I kept washing whatever I could on cold, but cold just won’t do for diapers or for dishcloths (and, with four household helpers, I generate a LOT of dishcloths.)

When my replacement part arrived, I still had to wait until I had time to mess with it – but the time finally arrived today.

The innards of my washing machine

I took apart my washing machine, replaced the part, put the washing machine back together, and washed my first load of hot laundry in 9 days.

About time.

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