Thankful Thursday

It’s been a while since I’ve written one of these–not because I haven’t had opportunity to be thankful, but because my life has been too full to share it.

But for today, I’m thankful:

  • that seminar is done
    I received my criticism today–and it didn’t turn out that badly. My peers criticized me very lightly, my superiors more harshly but still kindly. Dr. Lee said that perhaps she held me to an even higher standard than normal because she sees that I am capable of critical thought and advanced thinking. I am honoured to be considered thus. I will receive a B in seminar–not so well as I would have liked, but I am pleased with it nonetheless. I will do even better next time.
  • that I know what statistical analysis will be done
    We have compiled the information we need and will have our final run of data by Tuesday. I would have liked to have done more analysis, but I am glad to know what we will be able to complete and what we will not be able to complete this semester. I have a sense of closure in regards to the data.
  • that the LDDA meeting tonight was a success
    The meal was wonderful, the company good. I met the dietitian who had worked with my sister at the Ambassador, and caught up with one of the University dietitians I had known long ago as an undergrad.
  • that my eyes can see, my ears can hear, and my mouth can speak
    The eyes that see now as in a glass dimly long for the day of the appearing of the Light. The ears that hear the echoes of a great tumult long for the day when the Victory shout shall be sounded. The mouth that now cries for the end of travail anticipates the day when it shall shout with joy. My unglorified body groans in its fallenness, awaiting in eager expectation the day when it too shall be redeemed. As long as my senses only touch this world, they remain illusory–but when they taste and long for heaven, they are awakened to new accuity. “The Spirit and the bride say ‘Come'”–and I cry, as a bride longing for her wedding night, “Come quickly, Lord Jesus!”

Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful…

For my bosses being sick
I was feeling much better by the time work rolled around yesterday (Thanks for caring). The office was empty when I arrived at 3–and a quick look around failed to reveal the assistant managers. So I grabbed my normal Wednesday papers to copy and ran downstairs to make the copies–only to find that the door was locked. I ran back upstairs to ask Janet what was going on–and she informed me that both assistant managers and the secretary were at home sick, “so if you don’t mind, you can manage tonight.”

If I don’t mind? You better bet I don’t mind. I love managing. I would do it every time I worked if I could.

It’s just too bad that their pain is my gain.

That the “Best By” Date on the milk doesn’t mean it’s bad
I bought a gallon of milk a week ago, when we a little less than a half gallon left. Unfortunately, the “Best By” date was yesterday and we didn’t go through it anywhere near as fast as we had been–Casandra had a cold so she wasn’t drinking much milk and I hadn’t made yogurt recently.

But thankfully, the milk was still good. Maybe not for drinking–but I still enjoyed in my oatmeal this morning, and as oyster stew for dinner. And after dinner, I made some quick cottage cheese. Yummy!

That I remembered today that my health program planning paper is due tomorrow
I don’t think I would have liked being surprised by that one tomorrow as I’m trying to get my costume in order.

That I’m finally getting somewhere on my seminar
It was driving me nuts! How many useless studies must I read before I can come up with something worth mentioning? But now I have some good solid direction–and I’ve even got stuff down on the computer. I’m down to two weeks now–but I think I might actually be able to make it.

That there’s a sale on iced tea at the Kwik shop down the street
Thursday’s my errand day, and I forgot to get the bottles of tea I need for our research project while I was at the grocery store. So I ran into the Kwik shop, grabbed the most convenient choices and went to check out. The cashier put down her cell phone and, with a “just a sec”, walked across to a different case and pulled some coupons off the wall. Two of my choices had 50 cent off coupons. So I bought four 20 oz teas for $3.50–which isn’t a bad deal if I do say so myself.

That the weather was gorge-o-u-s today
I went for a fifteen minute walk this morning–and had to ditch my coat halfway. I took another walk with my roommate this afternoon–with no coat needed. I sat on a bench in a sweet little hideaway by the Home Ec building in the hour between classes and read my Bible. I closed my eyes and drank in the sun, enjoying the wind rustling the paper-crisp leaves. I contemplated being still. Not an action but a state. Being still. Knowing God. So many loud voices about–a fire (truck full of buff guys), a whirlwind (of papers and assignments and projects), the (rumblings of a political) earthquake–but God’s voice speaks through a gentle whisper. A fire that warms and awakens and enlivens–the sun. A breeze that brushes me with awareness of His presence. The hum of His Spirit empowering me to carry on.

Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful…

  • that I feel much better than I did yesterday!
  • that my dresser top is free of clutter (thanks to today’s FlyLady mission)
  • that my (I mean, my sister’s) piano is tuned. (I played Christmas songs this morning!)
  • that the research on the impact of dietary fatty acids on insulin resistance is FINITE–even if I haven’t discovered the end of it yet.
  • that I have a nice huge fuzzy sweater (from my sister) to put over my regular cardigan and a nice pair of fuzzy leg warmers (from my mother) for my feet and a nice set of fuzzy socks (from my senior year in high school house-family) to keep me warm when the temperatures drop.
  • that I don’t have class tomorrow. (I still work, but not having class means I can eat AT HOME before going to work–instead of packing a lunch to stuff in between class and work.)
  • that even if my outdoor temperature sensor isn’t working, someone else in the neighborhood has one that sends me its signal just fine. (It’s currently 42.3 degrees Fahrenheit–gotta love the “.3”)
  • that this beautiful sight greeted me out of the window this morning:

Thankful Thursday

I’m going to bet that you saw that last post and thought that I was breaking my “Thankful Thursday” string of posts. No such luck!

Today I’m thankful for…

  • A 5 pm deadline for that paper.
    Dr. Driskell said, “You barely made it before 5pm.” I know. Almost everything today took longer than I expected.
  • C.Y. Thompsen library.
    I really feel like I need more practice with case studies and they had a copy of Clinical Cases in Dietetics. Yipee!
  • Valentinos with my sister.
    It’s so nice to take a break and chat about medical things without my dinner companion getting bored.
  • Auto Playlists
    I just set up a new auto playlist to wake myself up to in the morning–so I’ll get to hear all sorts of new music every morning. (Wake yourself up with your computer by going to Control Panel–>Scheduled Tasks–>Add Scheduled Task. Then search for your playlist–it’s generally in My Documents/My Music/My Playlists. Then set the time you want to wake up and which days–and whether you want it to repeat, etc. At the end, ask to “open advanced properties for this task when I click finish.” In the advanced properties, select the “settings” tab and select “Wake the computer to run this task.” When you go to bed at night, hibernate your computer instead of shutting down (select Shut down, then press shift to see and select the “hibernate” option). Your computer will wake up to wake you up in the morning with your very own playlist.
  • the Journal of the American Dietetic Association
    Thursday is definitely my day for getting good mail. I think I’ve mentioned mail every week since I started–and today was no exception. I got my first issue of JADA. Interesting note from what I’ve read so far–a recent study from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that taking fish oil capsules prenatally may decrease asthma risk in children. Fish is definitely a hot topic for pregnancy–with pros and cons alike.

Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful…

For mints in the mail
The kiddos told me I had some mail at Mom and Dad’s. Scandalous mail, they thought. One side showed a woman putting on lipstick in a rearview mirror and said “REKINDLE YOUR INNER GLOW with life’s little luxuries.” The package sorta rattled a bit. Thinking the worst, they came up with the idea that it was condoms. Sorry, scandal seeking siblings, it turned out they were breath mints from Vocalpoint advertising Ford’s new vehicle.

For gas at $3.37/gallon
Yes, I know it still seems high. But remember this summer? We were at or above $4 a gallon when I left for Mexico.

For free admission to the ADA update
I liked not having to pay the $75 normal ADA members had to pay, or even the $25 normal students had to pay. There are some perks to being a dietetics intern.

That I don’t have TB
I skipped out of the update early to get my TB skin test read. I don’t have TB, big surprise. But that means I’ve got my immunizations/tests in order for rotations next semester. While I was back in the nurse’s office, I asked when they’d have the flu shot in–she said they had it now, although they were only giving it to at risk individuals this early. But then she grabbed the medical history I’d just handed her and said, “You’ve got a history of asthma. That counts.” So she pulled out a vial and gave me a flu shot right then and there. Yay for not having to go back and wait in line for a shot! I suppose there are also some advantages to exercise-induced bronchospasm.

That I got to spend an hour chatting with the interns between classes
Shanna invited me back to the grad assistant’s office for the hour between our classes today. I enjoyed chit-chatting about politics and lunch and movies and professors and grading papers. I think I’ve missed out on a bit of bonding because I didn’t get an assistantship–but I know that God has a good plan for what He chose for me. So all is good.

That I caught Dr. Jones
We’ve needed to nail down my project for an age and a half (okay, five weeks), but have only seen each other in passing. Research Methods got out early today and I ran down to Dr. Jones’ office to see if she was around. She was just locking her door to leave. But I caught her, and we set up an appointment. So we’re good.

That my camera is fixed
The LCD screen on my digital camera broke about a week ago and I chose to order a replacement screen instead of throwing out the camera and buying a new one. The screen was dropped off by UPS today and I spent the next several hours attempting to install it. Installation was easy until I put the back of the camera on and started screwing it together. Then the screen got all wavy and kaleidescope-like. But, after fiddling with it for what seemed like forever, it’s all put together and working–and I only lost one screw!

For my roommate who made dinner today
It’s so nice to sit down to a home-cooked meal–especially one that you didn’t prepare. Thanks Casandra.

There’s lots more I can be thankful for, I’ve been blessed enormously. But my post runs long and I’m working towards sleeping a bit more (I know. Imagine that. I’m actually taking up sleeping as a hobby. Thanks, Dan, for continually reminding me to do so.) so I best go.

Thankful Thursday

I’m thankful–that some days I actually can get something accomplished!

Other than that, I’m thankful for (in no particular order):

  • Classes that don’t start until noon
  • Jode, our computer guy, who taught me how to install Lotus Notes at work (so I can actually get into my e-mail there–Yipee!)
  • A B on my first Food Chemistry exam (Have I mentioned that it’s been years since I last took a chemistry class?)
  • more apples from my parents’ tree
  • the worms that came in the mail today!

Thankful Thursday

I’ve decided that the antidote for covetousness is gratefulness. Which is why I’ve been listing my blessings on a pretty regular basis these days.

Today, I’m thankful for lovely, inexpensive vintage dresses in double knit.
green dress
I’m thankful for perfectly formed free green apples from my parents’ tree.
green apple
I’m thankful for a short-term roommate who did the dishes when I’ve been too lazy (or too busy) to do them for a week.
pile of dishes drying
I’m thankful for my landlady’s husband who came and replaced our doorknob, the very next day after I called.
shiny, new doorknob

What are you thankful for?

Shopping in my sister’s closet

Just this morning, as I was deciding on what to wear, I thought that it had been a long time since I bought some new clothes.

I contemplated going shopping–but I’m sure glad I didn’t follow through. Because this evening when I got home from Bible Study, my sister had a whole pile of clothes for me to try on. She’d been cleaning out her closet and was offering me a look before she gave them away.

If I’d have gone shopping, I probably would have purchased one to five items and spent 10-50 dollars. As it was, I didn’t spend a dime–and gained thirteen shirts, one dress, five skirts, two pairs of slacks, two camisoles, and a bathing suit. I challenge even the best garage saler or used store shopper to top that!

Thanks, Anna!

Luckiest girl on earth

If I said I was the luckiest girl on earth, I wouldn’t be the first to say so. But that doesn’t change my general sense that I am indeed the luckiest girl on earth. And why might I be so lucky? What happy occasion heralds this joyous exclamation?

I began to realize it last night, when I told my family that it was official: Love Memorial Hall and AGN will be doing a bike-a-thon to raise money for Cedars Youth Services. We will be riding our bikes to the Missouri game on October 22. I mentioned that I should probably bring my bike back to the hall and start doing some serious riding before then. My mom told me that she’d gone out and gotten me a new inner tube for my bike as soon as she’d heard that I was possibly going to participate. My old tube was leaking around the stem and couldn’t be patched. My little brother Timothy put it on for me. But not only did he replace my inner tube, Timothy also prevented me from taking the bike back to the hall until he had adjusted the brakes so that they wouldn’t rub.

I’m the luckiest girl in the world because I have a family like no other. My sister offered to take me back to the hall in her new car, but took a bit of a circuitous route. First she dropped by Walmart to get me all of my little necessities–tissues, printer paper, deoderant. And not only that, she ran me by Wendy’s and got me a sandwich and a Frosty. What have I done to deserve my sister’s lavish gifts? Nothing. She works her butt off between going to school and her job as a Diet Tech, and I enjoy the fruits of her labours.

I’m the luckiest girl because for a seventh grade research paper, my dad brought me to UNL’s Love library. It was a research paper-why not go to a research library? He believed I could understand what I read and I was determined to prove him right. We wandered the stacks at midnight, searching for just the right book. We walked the stairs with crisp turns, pretending we were nerds without needing to pretend. In sixth grade, he got a book on HTML and wrote up an announcement to post on our family bulletin board. “Wanted: Web Designer. Must have at least a fifth grade education. Will train. Send resumes to…” I sent my resume in and got the job. We skipped, hand in hand, in the SAMS club parking lot on our way to get milk for the family.

I’m the luckiest girl because my mom spent five hours adjusting the bodice for a pattern I just couldn’t get to fit. It was supposed to be a simple pattern, the design of the dress would be a cinch to sew. I hadn’t counted on the adjustments–Mom patiently walked me through them. When I was in second grade, she read us The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. I loved it and always will. When my fish died and she found it before I did, she flushed it so I wouldn’t have to. And when my bike had a leaky inner tube, that I didn’t even know about, she bought me a new inner tube.

I’m the luckiest girl because my sister Anna, though I once thought she was my worst enemy, is my best friend. Out of the blue, she announced to me that she was paying my car’s registration–“After all, I think you might have paid mine last year.” She’s at home because she can’t afford the hall, so she buys me everything I need to be comfortable here. She came and cooked for me on my busy day–despite the fact that everyday is her busy day. She never lets me dwell on crushes. She protects me from my own mind. To paraphrase Colonel Fitzwilliam, she takes prodigiously good care of me.

I’m the luckiest girl because I caught my brother Joshua as we were crossing Cornhusker Highway on our bikes today–going the opposite direction. I waved and shouted, and he was a bit embarrassed. But he’s my brother and it’s okay. When he’s in the middle of a deep history conversation and I break in with a piddling contextual question, he patiently answers. He lets me read his stories, even though I’ve always been a hard critic. And he took on my dish job when I went away to college.

I’m the luckiest girl because I’m always trying to one up my brother Daniel at busyness. I go to school and do a thousand piddly things. He goes to high school and works almost thirty hours a week. But that doesn’t mean he’s too busy to drive me around while the gas prices continue to rise. He’s always trying to torque me off about women’s lib, but I know that he respects me as a woman and as his sister. He started to work out and dropped fifty pounds after he scared himself at 200 lbs. And he had the grace to let me come to the gym and spot for him–even though I’d never done it before. He let me buy him some jeans for Christmas last year–even when I insisted on them being European style. And he asks me for clothing advice. He actually thinks my opinion matters.

I’m the luckiest girl just because my brother John is alive and is my brother. Because he loves missions and is on our church’s mission team with me. Because he loves children and begged me to let him help out in the nursery–we work together so that he’s not a boy alone with them. He’s got more energy than anyone I know, and he never lets anything get him down. He loves people and he wants to do everything within his power to help them. He’s the only one of my siblings who doesn’t correct me when I sit down at the piano. And he actually begs me to cut his hair–even though I cut his ear the one time I tried.

I’m the luckiest girl in the world because I can talk to my brother Timothy about books. We started with Lemony Snicket, back when he hated to read. Now he’s begging me to read Eragon, because he thinks it’s the best thing in the world. We read Phantom of the Opera out loud together in three days. We discussed our melancholy over loving and hating Eric at the same time. Tim’s growing up and his voice is deepening, but he isn’t outgrowing his sister. He comes up to me at youth group and gives me a hug, tells me about his day. He’s gotten into fixing bikes recently, and wasn’t content until he’d gotten my seat to just the right height.

I’m the luckiest girl in the world because my little sister Grace spent the night with me on Saturday. She helped me prepare the Sunday school lesson, and tried to pick out what I wore. She asked my advice on the right kind of eyeshadow to get as her first makeup. She asked me if I thought Meg Cabot’s All-American Girl was appropriate for her. (It isn’t.) She asked me “What does eighties music sound like?” Grace sewed me a patchwork pillow that perfectly matches my decor, being careful that all the little people on the toile fabric pointed in the same direction. And she only glares at me but does no more when I call her Trixie for the thousandth time.

And that’s only my immediate family. I could go on for pages and pages about the rest as well. How my grandpa checked my antifreeze and gave me an extra jug before I came back down from their farm last spring break. How my grandma and my aunts and I always get into huge theological discussions every time we’re together. How my Aunt Martha-ma-ba took me for a drive and asked me why I was thinking about going into teaching. How my Aunt Lisa, new to the family, had my sister and me over for a week when we were eight or nine. How my Uncle Jim solemnly informed us not to drink the pickle juice out of the pickle jar until the pickles were all gone. How my Uncle Leo places coffee filters on the girls’ heads and suggests that we become Mennonite. How my Aunt Alice organized a family dance after we discovered that we enjoyed dancing together at my cousin’s wedding. Yes, I could go on forever, because I’m the luckiest girl in the world.