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I’m not dead…

December 2nd, 2010

Just letting you know.

Actually, I’m just massively busy.

As of yesterday a little after midnight, I am officially a resident of only one city. I got my house in Lincoln cleaned up and locked the door one last time. Now, instead of commuting to Columbus for work at the nursing home, I’m commuting to Lincoln to work at the University :-)

This week is probably the busiest yet, with a rush of papers to grade before I give my lab practical at the beginning of next week and catching up from the holiday at work and dealing with a few really touchy issues.

So (except for a Thankful Thursday post that I’m still hoping to have time to write tomorrow :-P) you probably still won’t be seeing me until at least the middle of next week–or more likely, the end of next week.

Nevertheless, despite the busyness and a number of relationally/emotionally/spiritually challenging little events, I’ve been delighting in the greatness of God (Thank you, Pastor Justin, for an excellent intro to JESUS this past Sunday) and unexpectedly surprised into tears by the gospel-saturated lyrics of (you’ll never guess)


See, I told you you’d never guess.

Not a fan of rap. Not a fan of CCM. Picked up a bunch of CDs from the library, procrastinated listening to that one because I don’t like rap or CCM. Finally popped it in on my drive this afternoon. Found myself literally in tears over the immensity of depravity and the awesome greatness of election.

Dang. That’s good stuff.

Anyway–I’d best get to bed. I’ve got a full day ahead of me.

Hope you have a wonderful, Christ-saturated rest of the week!

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