Recap (Jan 31-Feb 6)

I’ve been uber-busy this week, so I haven’t had much time to do my normal blog reading and internet surfing. As a result, my recap is pretty slim.

I wrote that before I caught up on my blog-reading over the weekend. So there are now plenty of links to the wide web–but still only a few changes made to bekahcubed itself.

On bekahcubed

  • Now offering comments on photo albums! Plus three new photo albums

On the web

Laugh out loud funnies:

  • Stuff Christian’s Like on “the scared straight marriage speech” (Don’t worry, I’ll be giving one of those, or having someone give one of those towards the end of the month–possibly with a book review of Sacred Marriage accompanying.)
  • What would you do if a snake started talking to you?

Books for the TBR list:

News to take note of:

  • Airlines pad their flight times to up their “on time” stats. We just discussed this in our statistics class. Weird.

Thought-provoking posts:

Enjoyable videos:

  • I got nothing

3 thoughts on “Recap (Jan 31-Feb 6)”

  1. You know where I stand on the book, but the comments on my review are running fairly varied. Don’t let me dissuade you from picking it up if you have a mind to.

    (Thanks for the link love, BTW.)

    Love the talking snake bit. I’ve thought that myself a few times. Some figure that it wasn’t uncommon for animals to talk back then, thus Eve’s non-reaction.


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