Thankful Thursday: Today

Thursday, February 11th, 2010 at 10:10 pm

Today I’m thankful…

…for a productive day of grading/resource writing

…for Anna’s guest post that arrived just when I was thinking I wouldn’t have time or energy to post again today.

…for leftovers I’d almost forgotten I had (but which hit the spot after a long day of work)

…for a package inside my screen door from my bloggy-friend Becky

…for a (slightly) early arrival to the class I TA for (I generally roll in just barely under the clock from my office hour–this time I had 5 minutes to spare)

…for a good conversation with my dad at lunch (lots to think about, lots of perspective, lots to process–but good)

…for another (relatively) successful lab this morning

…for a wake-up call. I almost overslept this morning, but God woke me up with a jolt before it was too late (I even had time to put on makeup!)

…for a good night of sleep. (I haven’t been sleeping that well lately, but last night was heavenly.)

…for the grace and mercy of God, poured out on one such as I–faithless except that He grants me faith, hard-hearted except that He changes my heart, utterly self-centered except that He reveals Himself. I am overwhelmed by His goodness and captivated by His love.

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