Dogmatic or emergent?

Notes on Kevin DeYoung and Ted Kluck’s
Why we Love the Church:
in praise of institutions and organized religion

Chapter 6 : Brief Interviews (Snapshots of Churched People)

“Sadly, there seems to be a ‘you’re either young, Reformed, and dogmatic or you’re emergent’ dichotomy forming, and it’s troubling.”
-Ted Kluck, Why We Love the Church, page 144

Young? Check Yes
Reformed? CheckLeaning that way
Dogmatic? CheckYou tell me.

The question is, do I gravitate towards this “side” of the dichotomy because I’ve thought it out and concluded that this side has it right–or am I simply reacting to what I see as the anti-intellectualism and political liberalism of the emergent side?

O, that I would base my opinions and actions on Christ and what He has said rather than on belonging to a certain “camp” of beliefs.

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