Black and Blue

About a week ago, I mused on Facebook that “the trouble with black jelly beans is that you have to eat the other colors once they’re all gone.”

Then, I discovered that Brach’s sells bags of all-black jelly beans.

Black Jelly Beans

I bought two bags–one to eat now, and one to hide somewhere as a nice surprise sometime in the upcoming year (when I have forgotten that I bought and hid it and rediscover it again.)

I’ve been enjoying my black jelly beans, but they’ve had an unintended effect.

Blue tongue

My tongue turns blue from the black jelly beans.

Blue tongue

And I’ve been experimenting with mirror pictures.

2 thoughts on “Black and Blue”

  1. Oh goodness! I don’t like the black ones, but the more I eat them, the less I hate them. Perhaps it is an acquired taste?

    The pictures are great! I never really thought you and Grace looked much a like, but that first picture, with the towel covering your hair – I totally thought it was Grace. Weird.

    Hope you enjoyed the jelly beans! (and I’m already excited for you to rediscover the second bag in a few months!)


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