Thankful Thursday: Bs

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Thankful for….
…breath in my nostrils (and for Lisa reminding me of the blessing it is to breathe.)
…beautiful bicycling weather (and that the ride between campuses is shorter than the drive between campuses)
…black jelly beans (my first bag is now gone, but I’m relishing the thought of finding the second sometime down the road–and enjoying grossing out my mother and my sister-in-law-to-be by raving about how amazing black jelly beans are!)
…bread baking in the oven (leftovers from lab–I couldn’t let my demo doughs go to waste!)
…Becca (my roommate, who blessed me unexpectedly by doing the dishes this afternoon)
…Butter Brickle ice cream (delicious!)
…bountiful blessings freely bestowed by God to me–a bratty, often bitchy Bekah (Thank You, Lord, that You do not base Your actions on my bad moods, but at all times act according to Your nature, Your will, and Your good purposes.)

1 thought on “Thankful Thursday: Bs”

  1. My Thankful Thursday:

    …Thankful that Rebekah put up my picture
    …Thankful that I only stayed 70 minutes late at work
    …Thankful that Hy-Vee sells $1/slice pizza
    …Thankful that I can go to bed now

    Love you and thanks!


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