Recap (April 4-10)

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Laugh out loud funnies:

  • On Media Violence:

    “yes, in the cases you cited there is some circumstantial evidence that the alleged perpetrators harbored pre-journalistic tendencies (for instance, violent hatred of George Bush and capitalism, and messianic obsession with President Obama), but it doesn’t appear they were actual professional members of the news media. For one thing, unlike the vast majority of journalists, all of the suspects involved in these crimes reportedly had actual marketable skills — biochemistry, computer programming, growing weed, and so on. Until further evidence of journalism emerges, I believe we can attribute these incidents to a handful of those rare random psychopaths who do not possess press credentials.”

    IowaHawk’s dazzling satire strikes again.

  • Pastor or con man? Pick ’em out by their smiles. (Gotta admit, that last smile made me wonder if maybe Challies is right)

Books for the TBR list:

  • Bonhoeffer: A Biography by Eric Metaxis
    An extensive biography of the pastor who tried to kill Hitler. I’ve read some Bonhoeffer and would love to read more ABOUT him.
  • Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult
    When a teenage boy who’d been bullied strikes back, it irreversibly changes the lives of more than one family. I enjoyed reading My Sister’s Keeper but have shied away from Picoult simply because I’m not sure I have the emotional energy to read her works. But I might have to muster up the emotional energy eventually and read this one.
  • Tumtum and Nutmeg by Emily Bearn.
    Two mice decide to take care of the children of the absent-minded professor-type in whose house they reside. This sounds adorable–and has elicited Carrie’s rant of approval (which means it’s got to be good, right?)

Projects to try:

  • I have a few pieces of salvaged embroidery I could “frame”. Thanks, Anna for sharing your tip.
    Framed Embroidery

Thought-provoking posts:

  • Truth for Pity-Partiers: I was thinking this same thing during a pity party of my own Tuesday night. Lisa’s post Wednesday morning was just the reinforcement my pity-partying self needed.
  • On reading blogs. Eric comments on the necessity of reading blogs with your filter on. Very good thoughts. (Of course, I know most of my readers needn’t worry about this because I’m the only blog they read–and as you all know, I’m NEVER wrong! :-P) An excerpt:

    “[The blogosphere] is a dinner party, where the political scientist is being yelled at by the lout who read one book and had six glasses of champagne.”

  • From my sister Anna (brand new to the blogosphere), on immediate obedience:

    “Don’t believe the lie: the transtheoretical model is not God’s model. Obey immediately!”

Videos worth seeing:

  • On Vegetarianism. Hilarious. “There might be more polar bears left if more people wanted some for breakfast.”

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