Bite me

I subscribe by e-mail to, a service that e-mails you anytime a crime occurs within a specified radius of a specified location. I have it set to e-mail me anytime a crime occurs within 1/2 mile of my house.

Generally, things are pretty quiet. I get one or two e-mails a week–the most common incidents are shoplifting from the gas station up the road a piece, petty vandalism (BB guns, mostly), occasionally a marijuana or marijuana pipe, and the ever present domestic violence cases. There’s a trailer park right on the 1/2 mile line–and it has domestic violence incidents relatively frequently.

Domestic violence is no laughing matter–and I generally don’t laugh at it.

But when I opened my e-mail this morning to see THIS, I couldn’t help but laugh.

Crimemapping report-Bit G/F's bicep

Did you catch that?

Someone got busted for BITING HIS GIRLFRIEND’S BICEP.


I think the last time I bit someone was when I was 6–or younger. I mean, seriously? You BIT your girlfriend’s bicep?

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