Thankful Thursday: Easy Days

It’s not too often that I have an easy day–a day where it feels like things are running smoothly and I’m getting things accomplished and I’m not too rushed.

Which means that when those days do come, I need to stand back and savor them and not forget to send my Thank You‘s heavenward.

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Today I’m thankful…

…for temperatures above freezing and a jaunty walk to and from my car

…for a new computer at work–that means I don’t have to wrestle for someone else’s (I’m sure Heather is just as thankful–or more–for that one!)

…for 90 days at my “new” job–and that they still want to keep me after this first quarter

…for smooth assessments. I notice and complain when admission heights and weights aren’t taken, when I have to go digging for orders or information. But some days, the nursing staff is all at the top of their game–and I need to remember to say “Thank you” that they’ve recorded all the information I need.

…for prompt faxes from MDs. Sometimes it takes forever to hear back from an MD–or the MD just seems to ignore my faxes. Today, my faxes have been returned promptly. Thank you, docs of Columbus!

…for leaving work early (just a bit, and feeling unrushed–that NEVER happens)

…for a delightful seven note sixth grade band concert. I know I’m gonna love Columbus. These kids, this life, is fantastic.

This has been an easy day–and I am most thankful for it.

Thank You, Lord, that You know when I need a little rest–and that You provide it, even amidst an eleven-hour workday.

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