Thankful Thursday: Work

Five years ago, when I was halfway through my undergraduate education in dietetics, I never would have guessed that I’d be working in long-term care.

It wasn’t that I didn’t like the idea. I just intended to go a different direction. Should I not end up married before the time came to get a first professional job, I’d try to find something in community nutrition, education in the community.

And that is what I tried for–but jobs in the community are few and far between (and not always that greatly funded.)

So instead of a community position, I found myself in Columbus, Nebraska as a long-term care dietitian. And I love it.

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Today I’m thankful…

…for a good first day at the two facilities I’m now consulting for (even if the previous dietitian couldn’t be there to orient me to the facilities)

…for a just the right length to-do list. Now that I’m caught up from my conference and am full-time, I have enough work to keep me busy but not so much that I’m scrambling to keep afloat.

…for affirmation from a coworker who thinks I’m doing a good job (Thanks, Jen!)

…for a visit from my consultant RD who was able to catch something I was doing inadequately so I could correct it (before it became an issue)

…for conversations with coworkers before weights meetings

…for dark chocolate from my Secret Santa in our post-Christmas exchange

Above all, I’m thankful that God, in His infinite wisdom, has chosen to place me as the in-house dietitian in one long term care facility and as consultant dietitian to two others. It isn’t what I would have chosen for myself, but apparently God’s better at choosing than I am!

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  1. Glad you had a good day!
    I completely agree! God is so much better at choosing our paths for us than we are. Yet, so often, we tend to think that we know better…and only mess things up…sigh.


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