Punctuation Matters

The DOT is working on the highway between here and Grand Island–the highway I use for my bi-weekly commute.

Four times a week, I see the signs set up on either side of the worked-on stretch of highway:

Passing Zones
Not Marked

Every time I pass the bright orange signs, I wonder whose bright idea it was to not include punctuation.

As it is, I have no clue what the sign is trying to say.

Is it telling me not to pass because the zones are unmarked?

In that case, it should read:

Passing. Zones
Not Marked.

Or perhaps it is just an FYI, to let me know that the no passing zones are not marked so I’ll have to use discretion when passing.

May I suggest:

Zones Not

Or better yet:

Zones Are
Not Marked

As it is, sans punctuation marks, this sign means nothing.

I do whatever I please.

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