Bumps and Books

My siblings have been bugging me for baby bump photos – and, while I’ve been taking them for a while now, I hadn’t yet gone through them and prepared them for posting.

But when Carrie announced her 8th Blogiversary and invited readers to link up with a picture of them with their favorite book (thereby entering them in a drawing for a $50 Amazon gift card), I knew that I had to get busy. Obviously, this would be a perfect opportunity to please my siblings – and let me participate in Carrie’s fun giveaway (which would be a fun meme even if there weren’t a giveaway attached.)

Week 19’s picture would have to feature both my bump and my favorite book. But first, you’ll have to scroll through the prior weeks. Sorry ’bout that. Gotta please the sibs first, you know :-)

Week 12: In which I don’t look pregnant

Week 12

Which was just fine with me since we weren’t planning on telling the general public for another two weeks.

Week 13: In which I have awful posture

Week 12

Apparently, I need to have my glasses on in order to know how to stand up straight. Who knew?

Week 14: In which the front of my shirt hangs higher than the back
Week 14

Oh wait. That’s the way it has hung since I was twelve.

Week 15: In which I think “Why didn’t her mother tell her to tuck in that pooch?”

Week 15

How often have I complained about how girls these days haven’t learned to tuck their tummies in and their tushes under? Guilty as charged.

Week 16: In which I might just really be pregnant

Week 16

After looking through all these photos today and trying desperately NOT to arch my back for my Week 19 photo, I have decided that this must be my new pregnancy posture. So I can’t tell if this is really a belly or if it’s just the result of this new (and completely weird to me) posture.

Week 17: In which an honest picture (where I’m not arching my back?) shows no bump?

Week 17

How pregnant I look varies widely based on my clothing. If I’m wearing a tightly fitting shirt, you can see the rise of a belly under my chest – if it’s a looser one like this, you can’t see anything.

Week 18: In which I lift my shirt to see if I actually look pregnant or if it’s the billowy shirt

Week 18

I think it’s mostly just the billowy shirt. But my midwife says my uterus is just the right size – and I’ve actually gained a little over the recommended amount at this point (just all on my chest and thighs rather than my belly).

Week 19: In which I show off my favorite book.

Week 19

I know, that’s more than a favorite book. But really, how does one decide?

My favorites include the Bible, The Mysterious Benedict Society, Little Town on the Prairie, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, and Pride and Prejudice.

Daniel insisted that I also take some photos without the books for continuity’s sake – but I actually think the books do a better job of showing exactly what is bump and what is not (since my dress doesn’t exactly fit my form)!

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  1. I’ve thought you looked pregnant for a while now! Then again, when you are looking for something, sometimes you find it even when it’s not really there. :-P I’m glad Tirzah Amelia is doing well.


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