Daniel Does Something About It

Thursday, October 26th, 2017 at 8:49 pm

After a few months of sleeping through the night, Louis has started waking up again. Only now, when we go to comfort him, we often find his sister fast asleep on his mattress beside him – with him hanging off the mattress (onto the floor 4 inches below) in various degrees. Sometimes it’s his legs, sometimes just a foot, sometimes his head. Sometimes all it takes to get him back to sleep is to position him so he’s fully on the mattress – and sometimes it takes hours of rocking and walking and reassurance. You just never know.

But when I was battling the stomach flu this last weekend and Daniel was therefore taking night duty, Daniel decided that enough was enough.

He arrived home from church and announced that he was going to build the kids that bunk bed we’d been putting off until after we got the house foster-care ready.

And so he did.

Tirzah Mae and Louis on their new bunk bed

Wednesday night was their inaugural night in their new bunk bed. Louis was kept inside the bed by the rails all around. Tirzah Mae was apprehensive enough about going down the ladder on her bed to join Louis in his. And both of them slept through the night (inasmuch as I could tell since I slept through the night. Well, except for that time when I had to pee, and when the baby kicked me awake, and…)

I’m not confident that it will continue to be successful at keeping Tirzah Mae in her own bed – but I do know that Louis’s new guard rails are sufficient enough to keep him from rolling onto the floor, and hopefully sufficient to help him stay asleep.

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  1. Barbara H. says:

    Looks good! I hope Louis goes back to sleeping through the night.

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