Christmas is coming!

Monday, November 6th, 2017 at 8:51 pm

Given my pregnancy history, I rather expected to be welcoming a new little one into the outside world in October or early November – and of spending the next month or so in the NICU, as we did with our other two.

All attention was focused on getting our house ready to certify for foster care before the baby came (we’re getting close to being ready, but we’re also getting close enough to baby coming that I don’t want to schedule to have the state come and visit us.) But, because of this, I’ve barely given thought to things like… Christmas.

But now we’re getting closer and closer to term and are still completely healthy (I had warning signs at least a month in advance of the other children’s deliveries), which means I’m coming to realize that I may well indeed be having a baby during advent. Which means that if I want to put on any sort of Christmas for my family, I’d better kick myself into gear *before* the baby comes.

So I’m busy planning and baking and buying and sewing, because Christmas is coming and so is this baby!

Last week, I bought all my baking supplies and made fruitcake. I worked up a pattern and a muslin of Tirzah Mae’s Christmas nightie. I found my pattern for size 12 month jammies for Louis. I purchased the kids’ Saint Nicholas Day stocking stuffers. I started putting in requests (on delay) for Christmas picture books from the library. I finished Louis’s stocking so the new baby can lay claim to the “baby” one. And I’ve prioritized the rest of my preparations so I can *try* to make sure the most important things are done before the baby comes.

Because with the way this pregnancy is going so far? It doesn’t look like I’m going to have time to prepare Christmas after baby comes. Because, dear reader, it looks like I might actually go to term!

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  1. Barbara H. says:

    I am so excited for you!

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