Color Kits, LEGO dolls, and grasping babies

The LEGO set Tirzah Mae and Louis got a few months ago didn’t have people in it – so they made some of their own.

LEGO people

Also, no longer contented using MagnaTiles to build structures, Tirzah Mae has turned them into “color kits” that she uses to decorate her own hair and my hair.

Me with my MagnaTile "color kit"

Shiloh is going through a leap, which means rather less sleep for mama – but it also means she’s intentionally grasping at toys hanging from her play gym and moving them about while talking excitedly.

Louis continues to delight in knights and swords, and has added a tin can rerebrace to his armor.

Louis with sword and armor

Beth-Ellen is determined to prove my earlier lament about timing wrong by potty training diligently.

Life is good in these parts.

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