Snapshot: Baking Baklava

If you’ve ever read my lists of life goals, you know that I have a lot I’d like to do. (And I’ve truncated the list for the web.)

It just so happens that one of those items was “Make baklava from scratch”.

And it just so happens that once upon a time Seth was reading my list of goals and saw that one. He sent me a quick e-mail to say that he had a great recipe and if I was interested he could send it to me.

I said sure.

Well, all sorts of things get in the way of such intentions and for whatever reason, Seth didn’t send me the recipe–and I didn’t really think about it.

Then it was the day before my New Year’s Eve party and I was coming up blank on ideas of what to make as a sweet snack.

And, lo and behold, I found an e-mail from Seth in my inbox, with recipe attached!


Part of the process


The “leftovers”

He was right–his recipe is fantastic. You should probably all go over to Collateral Bloggage and hound him for a copy.

Thanks, Seth, for helping me meet a goal–and providing a fantastic sweet for our New Year’s party!

Sunday Snapshot: Bread Pudding

I dropped into my folk’s house and saw that my mom had leftover bread pudding sitting out waiting to be eaten.

I grabbed a bowl and spoon and, as I dished myself up, I saw the recipe–my recipe for French Toast Casserole.

Bread Pudding

Thanks, Mom, for reading my blog, for perusing my recipes, and for trying them out for yourself. (She tried a variation, adding apples and raisins. It was scrum-diddly-umptious!)

Local Bounty

My first job, more than a dozen years ago, was washing dishes for a woman who sold her produce and baked goods at a local farmer’s market. I went to her house across the street every Friday morning and worked all day washing dishes, saran wrapping cakes, and mixing sticky roll dough. She’d get up first thing Saturday morning and pick all the vegetables she’d be taking to the Saturday morning market.

Now, my job once again includes a Farmer’s Market; but this time, I have a completely different role. As a favor to the UNL dietetics student who manages the State Office Building (SOB, lol!) Farmer’s Market, the interns at the health department are helping out with the market. Which means standing in the sun (actually, under a canopy) for a few hours and talking to people about cooking and local food and nutrition. What could be better? I’m not sure. I love it.

And today I remembered to bring my grocery bag and some cash. So I brought home a bounty.

Produce from Farmer's Market

When Anna announced that she wouldn’t have time to make dinner tonight, I ended up with a nice surprise: a chance to make dinner on the fly. So, I put together a quick corn, tomato, and avocado salad (recipe compliments of Megan, the market manager) and tried to think of something to do with the hamburger Anna bought this afternoon.

Here’s what I came up with.

Meat-Wrapped Onions

They look like some sort of weird meat with the bone in–but they’re actually meat-wrapped onions. I washed off some of those beautiful long red onions you saw in the first picture, and wrapped them with meat and then grilled them over a low flame until they were cooked through. They tasted DELISH!

A little trick for whenever you’re trying to wrap something with hamburger: Add some salt to the hamburger and then mash it around with your hands really good. The salt causes the meat to stick together better.

Finished Meal: Meat-wrapped onions and fresh corn, avocado, and tomato salad