(8 Questions x 2) – 1

I was about to despair at having no memes to do this week, when Carrie open-tagged her readers for an “eight question” post.

Why thank you, Carrie, I think I’ll play along!

While Carrie officially instructed her readers to pick their favorite eight of the sixteen she had received, I have a hard time cutting things down so I just went with all of them–except that I only kept one of the two near-duplicate questions.

Which is why you’re getting (8 questions x 2) – 1

1. What is your favorite children’s book of all time?

I can’t choose. I’m not super attached to little kid children’s books–but I have dozens of early-reader-type chapter books that I love. By which I mean, the Little House books, the Chronicles of Narnia, the Anne of Green Gables series, and a select few others.

2. What is it that you like most about where you live?

I’m close to my family.

3. What is it that you like least about where you live?

I’m close to my family? (Actually, I’m teasing there. I’m not sure exactly. Probably that I’m a renter so I don’t have as much freedom to do whatever I’d like with the house. Then again, I don’t think I’d want to own this house. It wasn’t spectacularly well-built and will probably need a lot of work in the next few years.)

4. Do you have any special fall traditions?

Not really. For all of my life, fall has meant the beginning of school. Next year will be my first year without that, since I’m now working in the private non-academic sector (!) and I should be done with my Master’s by then.

5. What is your favorite holiday, and why?

Christmas. Because… it just is. Because I like an excuse to make crafty stuff for my home. Because I like an excuse to give people things I’ve made. Because I LOVE to feed people. Because it’s a holiday that lasts a month. Because it’s opportunity to spend time with family. And because it’s a celebration of Christ’s birth.

6. Do you still eat sugary kid’s breakfast cereals? Do you have a favorite?

I don’t still eat sugary kid’s breakfast cereals, I now eat sugary kids breakfast cereals. (I never ate them as a kid.) Now I enjoy generic-brand fruit loops every so often (once a week or less).

7. If you could pick any age to stay at (teens, 20’s, 30’s, 100’s), which age would it be?

I don’t know that I’d pick an age to stay at–but I know which age I’ve been internally for quite a while. I think that my soul is the soul of a 35 year old woman. I hypothesize that, while I currently feel older than people my own age (and even many older than me), once I turn 35 I will start feeling younger than everyone.

We’ll see how that little hypothesis turns out.

8. What do you enjoy most, and least about blogging?

Most? Getting compliments. Least? Letting too much of my identity get tied up in how people respond to my blogging.

9. What was your childhood nickname? How did you get it? Are you still called that now? (Oops — I guess that’s three in one!)

One of my first nicknames was “bekahcubed”. I was just learning to talk and my dad asked me what my name was. I responded “Anna” (my older sister’s name.) My dad, concerned that his daughter didn’t know what her name was, replied “No, you’re Bekah. Bekah. Bekah.” He asked me again what my name was. “Anna.” And again and again. New(ish) father that he was (realize that I am only 14 months younger than my older sister), my dad was becoming more and more worried about his daughter. Then he asked me again what my name was and I answered: “I’m Bekah-bekah-bekah!” It was then that he realized that his concern was misplaced. He didn’t have a SLOW daughter–just a playful one! “Bekah-bekah-bekah” became my name–except that it was quickly shortened to bekahcubed (you know, bekah x bekah x bekah = bekah^3)

10. Miracle Whip or mayonnaise?

Depends on what it’s on/with.

11. What is your favorite season and why?

Spring, because I love the contrast of fresh new green grass and soil made soft by the freeze-thaw cycle of winter. Spring, because I love the first day I can take off my shoes and walk barefoot on freshly turned earth. Spring, because I love dropping seeds into the ground and then covering them over. Spring, because I can get back on my bicycle after a long winter’s break. Spring, because there’s fresh lettuce and spinach and rhubarb in the garden. So, yeah. Spring.

12. When you are sick, do you like a lot of attention and pampering, or do you like to be left alone?

What better pampering than to be left alone with a good book and plenty of hot tea?

13. Share one pleasant childhood memory.

I was nine years old, my mom had gone to the hospital. A family friend was taking care of us at our house. Yvonne woke Anna and I up a little after two in the morning to let us know that we had a new baby sister. The boys didn’t find out until morning, but after four boys, Yvonne was thrilled that this was a girl–and she couldn’t help but share her excitement with us.

14. Share a time a hymn ministered to you in a special way.

I was overwhelmed by what lay before me. God ministered to me through “Trust and Obey”.

I experienced a great sorrow. God ministered to me again through “Trust and Obey.”

It seemed like I had no direction. God ministered to me again through “Trust and Obey.”

I have a new job in a new city. My heart is conflicted. God is still ministering to me through “Trust and Obey.”

15. Describe your favorite coffee mug (or show us a photo of it). Why do you like it?

Hmm-I don’t really have a favorite coffee mug. I generally drink my coffee or tea out of a generic looking blue mug with a somewhat rounded shape. I like it because it’s bigger than the souvenir-style mugs.

So tell me now–what about you? Answer a question or two in the comments–or do the whole thing on your own blog or as a Facebook note. I’d love to hear your answers!

4 thoughts on “(8 Questions x 2) – 1”

  1. I enjoyed your answers! I had wondered about you blog name, too — it was fun to read how you got your nickname.

    Like Carrie, I’ll be curious to know how your aging hypothesis works out. There are good parts and bad parts to any age, so I don’t think here is one I’d like to remain in.

    Love your reasons for liking Christmas and spring.

    I can’t handle sugary breakfast cereal for breakfast any more — my head starts zinging and my hands shaking within an hour and I have to eat something else. But I enjoy them as a snack in the evenings some times.


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