Quick update from the hospital

I saw our backup OB yesterday due to the blood pressure / protein spilling issues and my blood pressure had spiked to the point that he admitted me to consult with a maternal fetal specialist at one of our local hospitals. I’m currently getting at least 24 hours of observation as well as IV magnesium to reduce risk of seizures and steroid shots to help mature baby’s lungs for a sooner entry into the outside world. Right now, we don’t know when that might be, but this particular specialist (versus his counterpart in the hospital down the street) tends to like to keep babies in the womb if at all possible – which is very encouraging to me. We’ll have a better idea of what treatment will look like and whether I’ll be hospitalized for the duration of the pregnancy tomorrow after labs are complete. Either way, we’ll likely be spending quite a bit of time in the hospital in the next several weeks, whether in treatment for me or in the NICU with baby.

Good news is baby is healthy – growth is right on track, amniotic sac has just the right amount of fluid, heartbeat and fetal movements are great.

God has also been gracious to give me supernatural peace about this rather enormous departure from our planned home birth. The nurses and doctors have mentioned how remarkably calm I have been regarding the change – and how well I’ve tolerated the procedures so far (the IV and shot of steroids and the Foley catheter). I have to admit that’s not my strength at all – God has been gracious to grant peace and rest. (That said, I’ll be pleased as punch when the 24 hour sample is up and they hopefully let me start peeing on my own power again.)

Thank you all for praying and for continuing to pray. I know that God answers prayer according to the wisdom of His providence – and that He accomplishes all things for His glory and His people’s ultimate joy. I am currently resting in that sweet assurance – and praying that I would continue to rest in God’s good sovereignty.

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  1. :X

    So, I use Bloglovin to keep track of blogs I read. I haven’t been shown ANY of your recent post until today when I was notified you had posted this one! I don’t know why that is but OH I missed so much!

    How not fun. I will be praying for your health and safety, as well as that of your baby for the next WHILE. Glad to hear that you are being taken care of effectively though and that little one is still tucked safely inside. If I don’t see anything from Bloglovin for a bit – now I know to check!


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