Tirzah Mae and her Mother’s Wonderful, Beautiful, Very Good Day

Wednesday, January 28th, 2015 at 7:42 am

6 am-My husband brings me breakfast in bed while I breastfeed Tirzah Mae.

7 am-I take a chance and take a bath while Tirzah Mae is sleeping in bed. She stays asleep.

8 am-Tirzah Mae wakes up and I go to pick her up with my shower cap on. Tirzah Mae stares at my forehead, a frown furrowing her own. I take off the shower cap and as Tirzah Mae sees my hair she breaks into a wide, truly social smile – her first. I change her and set her in the swing while I rinse her dirty diaper. I return to find her gurgling at and reaching for the mobile above her – another first. We breastfeed and leave for Tuesday connection. Tirzah Mae makes no complaint when I load her into the carseat – she’s too busy looking around, as if seeing the world through new eyes.

9 am-We arrive at Tuesday Connection (our church’s primary Women’s Bible study) almost on time. There is delicious food. There is good discussion. There are several enjoyable conversations. Tirzah Mae stays alert on my lap during small group time, sleeps in the wrap during large group time.

noon-We breastfeed and Tirzah Mae falls asleep in my lap, affording me the opportunity to get something done on the computer. I open a new document and open my Bible to Exodus and lose myself in the word for the next couple of hours, breaking only periodically to reposition Tirzah Mae when she wakes for a second and third and fourth course.

2 pm-A sunny 70 degrees, the afternoon is too beautiful to stay inside. Tirzah and I set out, with her in the wrap and a song in my heart. We walk along the river for a couple miles. Tirzah Mae sleeps and I pray.

3 pm-I realize I’m thirsty as we approach the Douglas street bridge. The library is just a couple blocks down, I figure I’ll grab a drink before our return trip. Tirzah Mae gets hungry so we settle ourselves in the seldom-used lounge by the board room to breastfeed. We strike up a conversation with the switchboard operator, who used to work in a hospital nursery and doesn’t stop asking questions about Tirzah Mae. I’m glad for the conversation.

4 pm-We head home, Tirzah Mae now facing outward in the Moby. She watches the cars go by and explores the shadows on the ground. We start supper and sit down to breastfeed again.

5 pm-We breastfeed and Tirzah Mae allows me a free hand, giving me opportunity to read Nightstand posts and to peck out comments with one hand.

6 pm-My beloved, Tirzah Mae’s papa arrives home and we sit beside each other, eating dinner and discussing our days.

Tirzah Mae and her mother had a wonderful, beautiful, very good day yesterday.

Reader Comments (5):

  1. Barbara H. says:

    That sounds like a very lovely day indeed! God knows mamas need those every now and then.

    It’s so fun to watch them grow and learn. That was a favorite aspect with my own and then again now with Timothy.

  2. Joyful says:

    Sweet post! So thankful that these days come along! It’s encouraging for a new momma!

  3. This is the most beautiful post I’ll read all week! Thank you for sharing. Motherhood is suiting you well (which I’m not surprised).

  4. Debbie says:

    Aww loved reading about your good day!! Makes me remember back to walks with Emily (before I needed to push a stroller of one kind or another). It also makes me look forward to meeting my newest baby even more! :)

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