A Christmas gift

After 55 hours of labor, we were pleased to welcome Beth-Ellen Irene Garcia into the outside world on Christmas Day.

She was born at 42 weeks, just like her mother before her, and, by the grace of God, via an unmedicated vaginal birth after 2 cesarean sections.

Welcoming Beth-Ellen into the family

She is the answer to prayer, a delightful Christmas present. But, as the reporter from our local news forced me to clarify, Beth-Ellen is not the greatest Christmas present ever.

As I told the reporter (unfortunately, the most important part got left out of the news clip), that distinction is reserved for another baby, one born over 2000 years ago. Because while Beth-Ellen came on Christmas to be a part of our family, Jesus came as “not just a member of our family but someone who came to make us a member of God’s family, and that’s truly the greatest gift. And what a treasure we have to be able to share that with our daughter, our Beth-Ellen.”

Rejoicing in the Incarnation – and in this precious gift we get to share Christ’s gift with.

5 thoughts on “A Christmas gift”

  1. I love this, what an answer to many years of prayer and tears. I love you and your sweet family!! Congrats my friend 😊😊😊😊

  2. I am playing significant catch up (everywhere!) and WHAT a BEAUTIFUL surprise for me today. SO HAPPY for your family and for the way that she was born, which I know meant the world to you. God is good ALL the time and in ALL circumstances and He has made you to know this tremendous blessing. How THRILLING!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!


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